A massive chicklit thanks to everyone who entered into the International Chicklit Month Ebook Giveaway! I had suuuuuch a hard time choosing the winners from your fab comments about why you love chicklit. 

The list of winners is below, and if you don't receive an email from me in the next few days, please get in touch as it will be flying around in a cyber abyss somewhere. And iff you get a moment, I'm sure the authors would really appreciate you leaving a review for them.

I'd also like to give a huge thanks to all the authors who donated their books to the Inaugural Chicklit Month. It wouldn't be possible without you!

Chicklit Hugs to everyone!

 1st Prize

Fourteen Days Later - Sibel Hodge
Cover for 'Fourteen Days Later' 
Codename: Dancer - Amanda Brice 
Cover for 'Codename: Dancer'
 Bridesmaid Lotto - Rachel Astor
rCover for 'Bridesmaid Lotto'
Foxy’s Tale - Karen Cantwell and LB Gschwandtner
Cover for 'Foxy's Tale'

Winner - Laurie Carlson

 2nd Prize

My Perfect Wedding - Sibel Hodge
Cover for 'My Perfect Wedding' 
The Gift of Joy - Valerie Maarten
 Cover for 'The Gift of Joy'
We Interrupt This Date - LC Evans
Cover for 'We Interrupt This Date' 

Winner - Cathy Grace

 The New Wizard of Oz - Lacy Maran
Cover for 'The New Wizard Of Oz'
Winner - Suzy Turner

 Seattle Girl - Lucy Kevin
Cover for 'Seattle Girl (A contemporary chick lit romance about love, dating...and my really big mouth)'
Winner - A Barker

 How I learned to Love the Walrus - Beth Orsoff
Cover for 'How I Learned to Love the Walrus (an Arctic Romantic Comedy)'
Winner - Aline

 Matchmakers 2.0 - Debora Geary
Cover for 'Matchmakers 2.0 (A Novel Nibbles title)'
Winner - Bluejay1944

 Super Zero - Rhonda Stapleton
Cover for 'Super Zero'
Winner - Stacymarie913

 The Merry-Go-Round - Donna Fasano
Cover for 'The Merry-Go-Round'
Winner - Toni

 Payback's A Witch - Rachel Astor

Cover for 'Payback's a Witch'
Winner - Kathy Holmes

 Follow My Toes - Laurel Osterkamp 
Cover for 'Following My Toes'
Winner - Margaret (mrstrider)

 The Fashion Police - Sibel Hodge
 Cover for 'The Fashion Police'
Winner - SandyB

 Fixing Cupid - Christian Young Miller

Cover for 'Fixing Cupid'
Winner - George Everyman

 Be Careful What You Wish For - Sibel Hodge
Cover for 'Be Careful What You Wish For' 
Winner - hwalsh

 The Hambledown Dream - Dean Mayes
Cover for 'The Hambledown Dream'
Winner - LisaP

 Secrets of Slater Falls - Matthew Grant
Cover for 'Secrets Of Slaters Falls'
Winner - Wisiwig

 Second Chances - Valerie Maarten
Cover for 'Second Chances'
Winner - Heather 

  Special Delivery -Traci Hohenstein
Winner - Margaret (singitm)
Long Live Chicklit!

Sibel XX