Hi, everyone!

Well, I've recently come back from a fab trip to Vegas. No, of course I wasn't chillaxing with cocktails by the pool, leisurely strolling round the designer shops, or spending all my royalties in the casino. Instead, I was doing some very serious and tiring research for a future chick lit comedy that will be based in the city that never sleeps. So in my case, what happens in Vegas definitely won't be staying there.

I can definitely recommend the place. There's something for everyone, and I don't think you could ever get bored there. You don't have to be a big gambler to go. In fact, I thought it would be pretty amusing to go there and not gamble at all. I managed pretty well, too, until the last day when we had a few spare dollars to use up and I bet a whole 9 dollars on the roulette machine. It lasted about 5 seconds! Now, whether it's stupid-o-clock in the morning or late at night, the casinos in the hotels are all pretty packed. There's definitely no recession going on in Vegas. The whole place was heaving - bars, restaurants, casinos, pools.

Of course, if you don't want to gamble you can take in one of the hundreds of shows there. Even visiting all the hotels with their different themes will take up hours of time. We saw the Titanic exhibition in the Luxor hotel, marking 100 years since the ill-fated voyage. 

And you absolutely have to check out the Bellagio fountains in the day and nighttime. They are set to music and are absolutely fantastic. 

Or how about take a trip in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon? 

I have to say this was one of the main highlights of the trip for me. I was a bit worried about whether I was going to have an ick moment, and there was a "motion sensor bag" in the seat pocket in front, just in case, but I was fine. Considering I'm not a fan of heights, I was pretty impressed with myself. It's a 45 minute journey from Vegas to the west rim of the Canyon, flying over the Hoover Dam en route before setting down on the edge of a ravine over the river. If we had longer in Vegas, I probably would've opted to stay in the Grand Canyon in a lodge for the night, but that means heading further from Vegas. 

Another massive highlight for me was seeing the fab Snow Patrol in concert at the Cosmopolitan hotel... 

The venue was on their rooftop bar area and it was amazing because you had a view of all the lights down the strip. It was also quite small and intimate - even though there were probably around 2000 - 3000 people there, it was nothing like the numbers you'd get at say Wembley stadium, so we were only a few rows back from the stage. I have to confess that "Chasing Cars" is one of my fave karaoke songs to do, but unfortunately Gary and Co. didn't ask me to sing it with them. Still, I won't hold it against them since they were absolutely brilliant! They obviously didn't know I was there - yep, that's it. They were so good, I can see the concert winging its way into the new novel boys! 
The weird thing was that when it was time to say goodbye to the crazy place, my suitcase was lighter and I was heavier! 

Happy Travelling!

Sibel xx