My new Amber Fox mystery is all finished and has just been proof read by my hubby (yes, a few heated arguments did take place!). It's now winging its way through cyberspace to my fab editor, Derek Prior! Woo hoo! 

Thanks so much to everyone who emailed me about whether there would be more books in the Amber Fox series - it's fab to know you're all as excited as me that there will be another one. Well, let's face it, I can't shut Amber up! Voodoo Deadly should be available for purchase in Feb. Here's the blurb...

About Voodoo Deadly

Feisty insurance investigator Amber Fox is back in her most deadliest case ever…

When Chantal Langton, the daughter of a famous voodoo high priestess, goes missing, is it a simple case of a rich girl running off for some adventure, or is there something far more sinister going on?

Soon Amber’s slap bang in the middle of voodoo curses, a trail of missing women, and a labyrinth of deceit. And, if that wasn’t enough, to add more distraction to the case, her ex fiancé-turned boss-turned fiancé again is pressing her to set the wedding date.

Can Amber find Chantal and hunt down a cold-blooded killer before her life comes crashing down around her? 

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Happy Reading!

Sibel XX