I'm having a great day today! 

I've just had three fab reviews for my romantic comedies in one day. 

Here's what Hot Gossip Hot Reviews and I'm just sayin...Book Reviews by KK said about My Perfect Wedding...

My Perfect Weeding by Sibel Hodge jumps right into the story from the first page. Active words keeps the reader turning the pages. Told in first person, from the beginning, I wanted to know more about this "Karem" and how she felt about him. 

Dialogue is refreshing and very real. The way Hodge weaves dialogue into the story feels very natural, not forced like with some authors. She even has a few comedic scenes and lines to keep the reader engaged. I laughed out loud on some occasions. "Mr. Potato Head," need I say more?

In this laugh-out loud, real to the bone, commentary on what being married is like, I felt like I got to the know the two main characters very well and learn a thing or two about relationships. 

With an atmosphere in Nicosia, there is plenty to draw from to keep the reader visually stimulated, and united with interesting dialogue, this novel was fun and hard to put down. 

We often think life will be perfect if only….but his story is a real-life kick in the butt, revealing that life is never perfect. A bumpy ride, full of ups and downs, this story was very enjoyable.  

I recommend this to anyone!" - HOT GOSSIP HOT REVIEWS

"I uploaded this book on my Kindle this morning and was so engrossed, I let everything go for the day. I just finished it and absolutely loved it. I was a bit worried, because I knew that it was a follow-up to Fourteen Days Later, that it wouldn't be as good. I was also worried that it would follow the same plot as many of the romantic comedies that I read where the couple goes through problems and separate. It wasn't a thing like I thought it would be, but better. There was a great plot of mystery with things happening all through out. I couldn't put it down because the suspense was too much. I truly enjoyed it and feel it was even better than the first book. A must read, you will enjoy :)" - I'M JUST SAYIN...BOOK REVIEWS BY KK

And here's what I'm Just Sayin...Book Reviews KK had to say about Fourteen Days Later...

"This was a great romantic comedy. I found myself laughing and smiling throughout and really enjoyed it. I truly enjoyed many of the challenges the character Helen had to do. She did them with enthusiasm and there was always a mishap to make you smile. I really enjoyed all of the characters in this book. It was mainly about Helen but had great secondary characters. I have already downloaded the follow-up kindle book "My Perfect Wedding" - I'M JUST SAYIN...BOOK REVIEWS BY KK

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Happy Reading! 

Sibel xx