I'm doing a teenie tiny taste taser of my romantic comedy My Perfect Wedding today (try saying that ten times really quick!)...

 I swallowed, but my voice came out croaky. ‘You have nice ankles.’ I looked at his flip-flop encased feet.  

What? I cringed inwardly. Nice ankles? Why did I say that?

He glanced down at his ankles like he got told this every day. ‘Yes.’ He nodded towards my glass. ‘Is that Courvoisier?

‘Yes.’ I stopped stroking the sofa and took a sip of the burning liquid but nearly choked. Whoa! That was strong. Did people actually choose to drink this? ‘It’s my favourite drink.’ I took a smaller sip.

Something feral flashed across Ferret Face’s eyes. ‘Good choice. I like a woman who appreciates the finer things in life.’ He raised his eyebrow, examining me like I was the best thing since the AK-47 was invented. 

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Happy Teasing!

Sibel XX