For all you lovely animal lovers out there, I have 4 books that are on special offer at the moment, and some of the proceeds will go to various animal welfare groups. So why not grab a cheap ebook while they're on sale and support animals in need! I've read them all (well, I wrote one!), and they are fantastic reads.

“A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to three of my favourite animal charities.” The story of a cute tabby kitten as she awaits her fate at an animal rescue shelter. Will she find her forever home? A heartwarming story for both children and adults alike. 

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Take a flight of fantasy with Angelica, a visitor from another world as she travels back in time to rescue a clan of Ice Age people. Could she be an angel...

If you like the Warriors series, you'll love this story inspired by the real life Angelica who graces the cover.

Linda Deane is a South African author and actively involved in the rescue and rehome network. She takes in abused and abandoned cats and kittens, fostering them until their forever homes are found. Her writing goes towards the sterilization and feeding of the animals in her care. This book is a fictitious tribute to one of her very special rescued kitties – an imagined account of one of her nine lives.

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Have you ever wished your cat could talk or wondered where he/she goes when you are not around?

Kiwi in Cat City is the first book in a series, of which there are six fun adventures so far. 

Kiwi seems like a typical moggie, content to nap in the sun and chase shadows, but she has a secret. She is a magical cat from a place called Cat City. With her two humans, James and Amy, Kiwi finds mysteries and adventures, dealing with catnappings, jewel thieves, giant rats, time travel, haunted houses, Father Christmas, pyramids and more. The fun stories contain positive messages about loyalty, friendship, honesty, bullying and the power of standing together. 

Book 1 opens on one dark night. Amy cannot sleep and she looks out of the window into the garden to see her cat, Kiwi, transfixed by the moon, which is glowing brightly like a cat's claw. Waking her brother, James, Amy suggests they follow Kiwi to see where she goes... whether it involves a hunt for mice or something else. Little do they know that with a flick of her tail, Kiwi is going to magically change the children into kittens and lead them on the adventure of their lives to a land they never knew existed in their wildest dreams. In the blue-lit world of Cat City, the budding detectives help Inspector Furrball to investigate the mysterious catnapping of Mr Katz and find out what happened to Madame Purrfect.

The books contain illustrations by Nikki McBroom. 

Furry fun for ages 9-99.

Vickie supports Hillside Animal Sanctuary, UK, where unwanted and abused animals are given a much needed sanctuary. 

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From bestselling and award winning author, Sibel Hodge, comes a inspirational coming of age novel...

Most sixteen-year-old girls are obsessed with their looks, but Jazz Hooper's obsessed for a different reason. After a car accident that kills her mum, Jazz is left with severe facial scars and retreats into a dark depression.

Fearing what will happen if Jazz doesn't recover, her dad makes a drastic decision to move them from England to a game reserve in Kenya for a new start. And when Jazz finds an orphaned leopard cub, it sets off a chain of events that lead her on a two year journey of discovery, healing, and love.

"A percentage of the royalties from the sale of this book will be contributed to Panthera, a leading international conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the world's big cats, plus other wildlife conservation groups." -- Sibel Hodge, Author

Available from,Apple iStore, and Kobo. It's available in paperback from and

Happy Reading!

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