Secret of the Painted Lady

I'm super excited about the release of the new multi-author Danger Cove Mystery Series! The first book, Secret of the Painted Lady by Christina A Burke, is out now! The second book, Murder and Mai Tais by yours truly, will be out on 14th April and is available for pre-order right now.

About Secret of the Painted Lady

If these walls could talk...they'd scream murder. 

Alex Jordan is the owner of Finials and Facades Renovation and Restoration Services, making her able to pursue her love of restoring Victorian-style homes in the town of Danger Cove. But her recent acquisition of the stately Marlton House has led to a showdown with town real estate mogul, and now she has needs to restore the old house and flip it for a profit as quickly as possible. But Alex gets more than she bargained for when a Hawaiian shirt-clad tourist with a bullet in his head turns up in the home's bathtub. Pairing up with the unlikely partner of the town florist, George Fontaine, Alex vows to solve the murder before her flip flops 

As Alex worries over deadlines, she stumbles across another body on the cliffs of Danger Cove. However, this "body" is a super-sexy man with amnesia...or so he says. Throw in a stash of stolen diamonds, a matchmaking grandmother, a foulmouthed parrot, and a mysterious killer with Alex in his sights, and Alex is in a race against time to salvage the job, solve the murder, and save her own life. 

The Danger Cove books: 

Secret of the Painted Lady (a Danger Cove Renovation Mystery) 

Murder and Mai Tais (a Danger Cove Cocktail Mystery) 
Death by Scones (a Danger Cove Bakery Mystery) 
Four-Patch of Trouble (a Danger Cove Quilting Mystery) 
Deadly Dye and a Soy Chai (a Danger Cove Hair Salon Mystery) 
Killer Closet Case (a Danger Cove B&B Mystery) 

About Danger Cove: 

Danger Cove is a sleepy little town in the Pacific Northwest and home to renowned mystery novelist, Elizabeth Ashby. While Elizabeth swears the stories she writes are fiction, you can find the inspiration for her murderous tales all over Danger Cove...from the intriguing cast of local characters to the places to eat, play, and explore in Danger Cove. Don't let our name fool you—we're the friendliest (even if deadliest) town in the Pacific Northwest! 

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