In Search of Lucy 

I'm doing two Indie Books Reading Challenges for 2011 - the ABC Indie Fiction Challenge, and the I Heart Indie Books Reading Challenge (more details below). In helping to spread the word about the wonderful selection of Indie books out there, I'm going to be blogging about my progress and reviews. 

My tenth review is of In Search of Lucy - a dramatic story of family relationships...

About In Search of Lucy

Thirty-year-old Lucy Lang is lost. She spent most of her young life sacrificing her own needs to care for her half-sister and deal with their alcoholic mother. Now abandoned by both of them, Lucy struggles to find her own purpose in life. A struggle that is laden with wretched memories and regret. With no family, no relationships and an unfulfilling job Lucy becomes depressed, cynical and self-destructive. At times she’d even contemplated suicide as the only way out. 

When she is just about to hit rock bottom, Lucy finds out that her sister is ill and needs a kidney transplant. Lucy is found to be the only match, and has no choice but to live. Now, Lucy is trapped in a lonely existence to save her sister’s life. And, she must battle with her emotions; her bitter resentment for her sister’s heartless departure and her longing to be needed again and take care of the person she once loved most in the world. With the help of new found friends, Benny and Anne, and a possible romance, Lucy sets out on a journey that will reunite her with her sister as well as herself. In the end, Lucy just might discover the answers she needs to find happiness and her own purpose in life.

With simply genuine and endearing characters, In Search of Lucy transports every reader right into the story. This contemporary novel about the power of relationships and how they affect our identity will appeal to anyone that has ever experienced loss and love.


This is a journey of discovery for Lucy to try and climb out of a pit of despair and self-hatred that was fuelled by a damaging relationship with her mother. In saving her sister's life, Lucy finally has the strength to repair her own fragile life, and she recognizes the opportunity to love again. 

This was a story of how family relationships can affect the delicate balance of our lives. I could totally relate to Lucy and was rooting for her all the way. It was a great read that pulled me in from page one.

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The ABC Indie Fiction Challenge...

In order to join in, you must read 24 novels in 2011 by Indie authors. One of the key rules is that each story must be written by a different author, and the first letter of the authors' surnames must begin with a different letter.

For more details, a suggested reading list, and to sign up, head on over to quillsandsebras:


The I Heart Indie Books Reading Challenge...


I've come across another fantastic reading challenge for all you lovers of fiction out there. The I Heart Indie Books Reading Challenge is easy and low-key. All you have to do is read between 1 - 30 books in 2011 in any genre.

For more details about the challenge, check out...

Both readers and authors are encouraged to participate.

If you need a suggested reading listcheck out my Ebook store for some fab Indie Authors.

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IHIB Challenge:  10

Happy Indie Reading!

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