The Indie Author Potluck Cookbook

I'm very excited to announce a new project I've been involved in! The Indie Author Potluck Cookbook 
is a privately operated charity collaboration designed to raise funds and awareness for the Food Bank of South Jersey. All contributors to this collection have donated their time and recipes in support of the project. This cookbook features a true "potluck" feel with a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, as well as short stories, book excerpts, and author anecdotes. 75% of the proceeds from sales of the project will be donated to the Food Bank of South Jersey. The remainder of the funds will be used to cover our expenses and promote the book.

Contributing Authors


Sarah L. Carter

Aimee Easterling

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Anna Hess

Sibel Hodge

Ros Jackson

Shiao-jang Kung

Monica LaPorta

Marie Long

Raquel Lyon

Zelah Meyer

Dawn Lee McKenna

T.K. Richardson

Caddy Rowland

J.E. Taylor

Stella Wilkinson

Sarah Weaver

Now available for pre-order NOW and will be released on 15th May

Happy Cooking!

Peace and Love
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