It's summer again! Hurrah, I love the hot weather. The only downside to that, of course, are the mosquitoes and sandflies. And no matter what we do, the little buzzers will always sneak up on us for a quiet munch.


Someone told me once that mosquitoes are actually attracted to blood type, so some people are naturally more susceptible to getting bitten than others. And that would make sense because they seem to love snacking on me, whereas my husband hardly gets bitten at all.


In Australia, fishermen plagued by sandflies actually use a Dettol/water mix to prevent sandfly bites. I even resorted to this one – although it doesn’t smell particularly attractive. The good news is that there’s a wide range of insect repellents available in the chemists. Some people swear by Jungle Formula, Avon Skin So Soft (blue bottle), and Deet. Anti-histamine injections are also available. But if you’re looking for a more natural way to combat bites, try some of these: 


Natural tips to prevent bites


  • Take a vitamin B complex supplement
  • Eat Marmite daily (it contains vitamin B1 – Thiamin)
  • Take garlic tablets
  • Use citronella oil/candles
  • Use lavender oil on skin
  • Light mosquito coils
  • Plant pots of basil around patios and entrances to deter biting insects


Natural remedies for bite relief


  • Apply an astringent like white vinegar or Witch Hazel to bites
  • Lavender oil stops itching and reduces swelling
  • Homeopathy remedy Apis Mallifica 30x reduces inflammation, pain, and stinging
  • Aloe gel reduces inflammation
  • Tea Tree cream/oil is an antiseptic
  • Rub banana peel on bites to relieve itching


Take the sting out of summer!


Sibel XX