Red Adept are doing a mammoth ebook and giftcard giveaway on their website this month. All you have to do is answer their quiz and get 8 out of 10 answers correct to be entered into the prize draw for some of these fab prizes...

1st Place $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
  $25 Amazon Gift Certificate from
  One Year subscription to “Bards and Sages Quarterly” (Print edition)
           “Faustine” Coffee Mug from Imogen Rose
  10 eBooks
  “Red Adept Reviews” Tote Bag
  “Red Adept Reviews” Magnet
2nd Place $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
  $25 Amazon Gift Certificate from The Frugal eReader
  8 eBooks
  “Red Adept Reviews” Mug
  “Red Adept Reviews” Magnet
3rd Place $35 Amazon Gift Certificate
  7 eBooks
  “Red Adept Reviews” Mousepad
  “Red Adept Reviews” Magnet
4th Place “Red Adept Reviews” Tote Bag
  $25 Amazon Gift Certificate from
  Kindle Free for All- Paper & Kindle Versions – From Stephen Windwalker
  5 eBooks
  “Red Adept Reviews” Magnet
5th Place “Red Adept Reviews” Mug
  5 eBooks
  “Red Adept Reviews” Magnet
6th Place “Red Adept Reviews” Mousepad
  3 eBooks
  “Red Adept Reviews” Magnet
7th-10th Places 3 eBooks

*eBooks are to be chosen from a list of books donated by authors: 

Annino, BarbaraOpal FireAsh, LindaRose of Par Kluhnd: A Fairy Tale Barany, BethHenrietta, the Dragon SlayerBarnard, SarahThe Portal BetweenBaum, SpencerThe Demon Queen and the LocksmithBellet, AnnieA Heart in Sun and ShadowBourden, DanielleBound by BloodBryan, JLJenny PoxCantwell, KarenTake the Monkeys and RunCantwell, Karen Fraunfelder Foxy’s TaleChen, PhillipFalling StarConifer, DaveWreckerDennisen, ScottRise of the RavenErnst, DeeBetter Off Without HimErwin, LynetteSo Faithful a Heart: The Love Story of Nancy Storace & Wolfgang MozartEvans, L.C.The Witness Wore Blood BayFletcher, PenelopeDemon GirlGavin, NellThreads: The Reincarnation of Anne BoleynGiguere, RejeanDreamWeaverGoodrich, JeremyThe Vampire HangoverGordon, RoseIntentions of the EarlGrant, Matthew W.Secrets of Slaters FallsHartness, John G.Hard Day’s KnightHeart, MiaWhore StoriesHellman, Libby FischerEasy InnocenceHodge, SibelBe Careful What You Wish ForHohenstein, TraciBurn OutHudock, JenniferThe Goblin MarketHyland, Mary Pat3/17Jackson, RichardFall From GraceJustlin, CynthiaHer Own Best EnemyLawrence, AbigailInvisible TearsLetts, JasonInevitableLond, LauraMy Sparkling MisfortuneMaarten, ValerieThe Gift of JoyMcDonald, MaryNo Good DeedMiller, JeanneThe Pet Psychic DiariesPrice, JoshuaNot Everything Brainless is DeadRussell, ToddMental Shrillnesss0nicfreakBallsackSalidas, KatieImmortalis Carpe NoctemSilkstone, BarbaraThe Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-QuartersTalbot, Edward GNew World OrdersTaylor, J.E.Hunting SeasonTomlin, J.R.Freedom’s SwordTrink, D.M.The Crimson-Eyed DragonTyrpak, SuzanneVestal VirginWaller, S.K.With a Dream

Fab stuff! I've already entered!

Good Luck!

Sibel XX