Worth Lying For

I've got the fab Lisa Cheney and Lisa Craig here on my blog today talking about their latest chick lit release, Worth Lying For. Take it away girls...

Our new indie novel, Worth Lying For is a big, fat slice out of the life of forty-year-old Mary Minke. When Mary stumbles upon a bag of drug money—and steals it—no one could be as surprised as our goody-two-shoes main character.

Speaking of shoes, our original working title was Will Steal for Shoes. We loved that title. Then we sent out query letters to agents and realized it screamed chick lit at a time when the publishing world had declared chick lit to be dead. "How could this happen?" we mourned. And why weren't we invited to the funeral? We have the perfect little black dresses and wedge heels for the occasion.

Still, the essence of our book is not exactly chick lit. It's more, as the British say, hen lit –featuring chicks all grown up and slightly dazed about how it happened. And we've dared to throw in yet another twist: Mary Minke is happily married. Well, as happily as any of us can be, working hard to make ends meet, facing parenting challenges, struggling to find a greater meaning to it all. And in Mary’s case, hiding a big bag of ill-gotten loot from her police captain husband.

Now not only are the publishing powers-that-be trying to bury chick lit, they've also started to question women's fiction in general. "Too nebulous," they say. "What does women's fiction really mean?" others ask.  Chick lit, mum lit, humorous women's fiction, call it what you will, we believe readers know what they want and that the market is strong for our unique brand of American hen lit. We know our audience because we are our audience: a couple of Midwestern forty-something wives and mothers who crave a bit of light-hearted escapism from the daily grind.

How about it? Is there anything you can't get enough of or genres you can't find on bookshelves (virtual or in-store)?

Worth Lying For can be purchased at amazon.com amazon.com.uk and B&N 

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This sounds like a super fab read, ladies, thanks so much for sharing! Long Live Chick Lit - it's most definitely not dead. 

Happy Reading!

Sibel XX