Looking for an alternative therapy to increase the wellbeing of your mind and body? Maybe you should consider Energy Crystal Healing…

What is Energy Crystal Healing?


Energy Healing is a wonderful non -invasive holistic therapy, which means that the focus is on the individual as a whole, rather than on physical symptoms alone. The aim is to restore wholeness, balance and health to emotions, mind and spirit as well as the physical body.


Our Energy centres within the body and our Energy field (or Aura) that surrounds us can become blocked or imbalanced causing illness or upset to our system. Energy Healing, incorporating Crystals, Colour Breathing and Meditation techniques, can help to release these blockages, allowing the body to heal. 

Some of the benefits may include: 

      • Creates Deep relaxation aiding body to release stress and tension

      • Helps energy flow of Endocrine system

      • Helps relieve pain

      • May help reduce blood pressure

      • May aid better sleep

      • Assists the body in removing toxins

      • Supports Immune system

      • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing


What happens during a healing?


A session is carried out with the client lying down. There is no need to remove any clothing. The practitioner may place crystals on and/or around the body and acts as a channel for beneficial healing energies, directing these to the client as appropriate.

If you live in the Linton/Cambridge area of the UK, there is a new holistic health and beauty centre open for Energy Crystal Healing and other treatments. Please see  http://thenaturalwaytherapy.co.uk/default.aspx for more details.


Sibel xx