A big hello to you!

I've been hibernating for ages, working on some exciting projects, and am finally getting back into the swing of things. 

I've written my first children's novel It's a Catastrophe, and I'm just putting the finishing touches to a new gluten free Turkish recipe book A Gluten Free Taste of Turkey (I need to go on a big diet now!). 

About It's a Catastrophe...

For Disney story lovers everywhere!
Think Cats & Dogs meets Toy Story
Warning! Contains fur-raising adventure, wacky characters, laugh out loud comedy, and heart-warming drama.
The cats at Briarswood Cottage are lucky. After being rescued from the local Cats’ Home by Ma Katz, they live out their days in luxury under the watchful eye of Buster, the mogfather. But all that’s about to change…
When the local mayor announces that the cat population is spreading a deadly disease, their lives are in mortal danger. There’s no time to paws! Somehow, Ma’s moggies have to organize all the neighbourhood cats to unite as one, getting their claws stuck in to prove their innocence and save each other from certain death.
Can they put aside jealous rivalry and tomcat turf wars to work together as a team and save catkind from extinction?

It’s a Catastrophe is a hilarious hairball of a read for ages 8 to 108!  

Are you ready to meet the cast, because I can't wait to introduce you to them...

It's a Catastrophe should be released in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Happy Reading!

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