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It's Author's Coffee Time on my blog today. Grab a skinny latte and meet Louise Voss...

About Louise

Louise started writing as a hobby while living and working in the music business in New York in 1995. After a few years of rejections, her first book was bought at auction by Transworld/Black Swan. To Be Someone was published in 2000, the first novel to come with its own CD soundtrack (on Virgin Records). Three more novels followed, as well as two co-written thrillers with Mark Edwards. The first of these, Killing Cupid, was optioned by the BBC for a two-part drama and is about to optioned again by a BAFTA-winning producer for a feature film. Killing Cupid has recently been published on Amazon Kindle, shortly to be followed by Catch Your Death.

Louise lives in South West London with her daughter and their psychotic flatulent rescue cat.

I know all about flatulent cats, Louise, and it's not pretty! Latte, cappuccino, regular? What’s your coffee time pleasure?

Skinny latte, please.  I like to be associated with the word ‘skinny’, but I fear that this is the only context in which that will occur….

Tell me about it! What flavour cookie would you like with that?

I’ve given up wheat, so unless you can offer me a flapjack, I’ll have to pass. Reluctantly.

No, a flapjack is good! Oats are healthy, right? What's your greatest writing achievement to date? 

My first print novel being bought at auction by a pre-emptive bid from a major publisher.

Fab stuff! Who is your hero and why?

Off the top of my head:  C.S. Lewis, I reckon, for his philosophy, spirituality, intellectual genius and incredible fiction.

Which word best defines your writing?

Page-turning (I hope!)

Well, I'm certainly adding Killing Cupid to my TBR list! What’s the most recent thing that made you laugh?

Twenty Twelve, on BBC4 – nothing on TV has made me laugh more in recent memory. I think it’s absolutely hilarious, especially Jessica Hynes as an horrendous PR woman, and the sweet besotted PA.

Which book is on your coffee table right now?

No book, just my beloved Kindle.  I’ve just finished the fantastic novel Everything You Know by Zoe Heller.

I'm having a Kindle love-fest, too! What was the name of your first pet?

Hammy.  We also had a tortoise called Tortie (still alive and thriving, 37 years later!)   Shows a marked lack of imagination for a writer, doesn’t it? 

Still, at least it's to the point! Who is your favourite character and why?

A favourite character in my own writing, or in fiction generally?  If the former, I’d have to say Siobhan, one of the two protagonists in Killing Cupid, co-written with my friend Mark Edwards.  Siobhan was a dream to write – seemingly only slightly nutty at the start, but as the novel progresses, her ‘quirkiness’ morphs into something altogether more insane… great fun.  

Being nutty myself, I'm a big fan of it! What’s your most embarrassing moment?

But there are so many, how can I choose? I think, however, that meeting Courtney Love and telling her I thought she was ‘really sexy’ is up there at the top of the list… gah.  I still cringe when I think about it.  It was years ago, backstage at a gig.  She looked at me like I was something she’d scraped off the bottom of her shoe and went, ‘yeah…thanks,’ in about as dismissive a tone as could be imagined.

Maybe she thought she had a bit of a stalker on her hands! 

You can catch up with Louise's co-author Mark Edwards on his blog. Killing Cupid is available on Or check out the Killing Cupid page on IQ.