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It's Author's Coffee Time on my blog today. Grab a frozen hot chocolate, meet Erika Talbot, and win a copy of The Three Siblings Adventures...

About Erika

Erika Talbot was born June 12, 1987 in Ohio. At age thirteen she began writing-mostly poetry and songs. At nineteen she was married to husband Nick. It wasn't long before she picked up her pen to try her hand at writing stories. Influenced by her family, she wrote her first picture book, The Three Sibling Adventures: What We Want To Be. It was published on March 22, 2011. 100% of the proceeds are going to the Toledo Children's Hospital oncology unit, aiding children fighting serious illnesses. She is following up with more to the Three Sibling series.

Latte, cappuccino, regular? What’s your coffee time pleasure?
Not a coffee drinker, although there is a local coffee shop where I buy fruit smoothies and frozen hot chocolate. That stuff is amazing! 

Anything with chocolate in sounds pretty amazing to me! What flavour cookie would you like with that?
Anything chocolate. Can you tell I'm bit of a chocoholic?  

Good choice! I can totally relate to that! What’s your greatest writing achievement to date?
I think just being published is an achievement. The ability to put your work out in front of readers is a trophy in itself.  

You're absolutely right! Who is your hero and why?
My heroes are the stars of my picture book, THE THREE SIBLING ADVENTURES. The kids are based on my nieces and nephew.  Joey is battling leukemia, Vivvy has ADHD and Kallie has an unknown immune system problem. Poor things never let their illnesses stop them. 

Sorry to hear that. It sounds like they're pretty brave soldiers! Which word best defines your writing?
My first thought is electic, but I may change that answer to influential. Anyone who knows me can see so much of my life in my writing. Whether it's a simple TV show or a major event, I write what I know. 

And that's great advice to write what you know! What’s the most recent thing that made you laugh?
Kallie. She is three and I was trying to teach her the letters A, B, and C. I taught her "A" is the triangle letter, "B" is the loopies and "C" is the almost circle.  She was stuck on "L" for some reason, so every time I asked her a letter, I got "L." 

Bless her! Which book is on your coffee table right now?
Iris Johansen's And then you die  

What was the name of your first pet?
A girl rabbit named Blossom.. Since then I've had a hamster named Hamster ;), a guniea pig named Panda, a cat-Princess and my baby, a dog named Scooter. We just welcomed Hopity Hop-a bunny, a few weeks ago. 

Love Hopity Hop! Who is your favourite character and why?
All of them. My characters are my children so it's hard to pick out a favorite. Each has qualities I love-even the villians. 

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
I could list forever lol. The most recent is I was helping my sister move. We were lifting a couch and it got hot, quick. I was wearing a tank top. As we lifted the couch, it pulled my shirt down and exposed me too much. Nothing totally slipped thank heavens, but it was bad enough. 

Ooh! Definitely embarrassing! 

You can find out more about Erika on her website.  Or check out The Three Sibling Adventures: What We Want To Be at Solstice Publishing. 

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Erika is giving away a PDF copy of this fab children's picture book. All you need to do is leave a comment and I'll choose a random winner!

Good luck!

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