Kavita Nalawde 

It's Author's Coffee Time on my blog today! Come in, grab a coffee and cookie, and meet Kavita Nalawade...

About Kavita

Kavita Nalawde was born in Mumbai and currently lives in UK.  
She worked in the online communications department for a retail firm for nine years before deciding to take the plunge and be a writer full-time. 
She is married to a very patient IT professional.  She does the normal things that all wives and mums do in their daily life but doesn’t wait to grab the keyboard at every opportunity to continue her passion for writing further.....


Latte, cappuccino, regular? What’s your coffee time pleasure?
Hazelnut Latte

Ooh, good choice! What flavour cookie would you like with that?
White chocolate chip  

What’s your greatest writing achievement to date? 
Lots of great ones but greatest yet to come

Who is your hero and why?
My mum, for her amazing attitude towards life

Which word best defines your writing?
Chatty just like me

What’s the most recent thing that made you laugh?
A comic strip I read in the newspaper this morning, I am still smiling thinking about it now. 

Which book is on your coffee table right now?
Home Encyclopaedia by J.B.Lobo

What was the name of your first pet?
We could never decide on a pet but if I had it would be ‘Sunny’

Who is your favourite character and why?
It has to be the Hindi movie actor Hrithik Roshan as he does everything with pure dedication and perfection. 

What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Slipping on a banana skin on the pavement right in front of a school, it was exactly like they show in cartoons. The mums tried to be calm but the children roared with laughter.

You can find out more about Kavita on her website. 

Love the banana skin story! 

Happy Reading!

Sibel xx