Attributes of Mastery

It's my pleasure to welcome Blanca Beyar onto my blog today to talk about her spiritual book Attributes of Mastery...

How the Attributes Helped Me!


If someone told me 20 years ago that I would be writing a book on the attributes of spirituality, I would have certainly laughed my heart out. There was a time in my life where spirituality was non-existent and my only foundation was the echoes from my past and the pain and disappointment that it had reflected in my life. 

When spirituality came knocking at my door, it was sudden and unexpected. Yet, my soul was ready for it because it was tired of living a life of bitter justification and dissatisfaction. I was ready and hungry to try something different and spirituality brought me hope, promise and inspiration for the future. 

When I began to compose “Attributes of Mastery,” I had no idea that I would be sharing part of my own life’s challenges in the closing chapter of the book. But as I was inspired to introduce the twenty-one attributes that compliment the book, I realized that each one of them had been a step towards a foundation that I had actually implemented in my own journey towards self-realization and healing. 

Although each of the attributes carries a tone of growth and healing that leads into the next attribute, the first attribute, Acceptance, is my favorite one. I have learned through my own experiences that what we resist persists and that when we enter into a place of acceptance, we allow the flow of new energies to enter into our experiences. 

I am so grateful that my life gave me all the hard challenges that it did in my earlier life because they created the person I am today. I love who I am and have been honored to work with so many beautiful souls across the world, assisting them to heal and to grow spiritually. 

Attributes of Mastery is a very special book because it is more than teachings and is also a book that shares how the teachings and principles truly made a difference in my own life. My greatest message and invitation to readers is that if I could survive and prevail in such an amazing and blissful way from the challenges of life, then they can too...and they can surely have a happier “rest of their lives.” 

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Thanks so much Blanca! I'm loving the sound of this book because I've been on my own spiritual journey in the last couple of years so I can totally relate to this. I've got this book on my TBR list!  

Happy Reading!

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