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Featured Indie Chick - Melissa Smith

Posted by sibelhodge on Monday, April 23, 2012, In : Indie Chicks 

This week's fab Indie Chick is Melissa Smith! This is of last in the Indie Chicks stories featured in the anthology. I hope you've enjoyed them. 

 Writing Out the Grief

Melissa A. Smith

A common question people ask a writer is what made them decide to sit down and start writing in the first place. For me, it was grief. 
While in high school, I wrote. I had taken journalism and the teacher loved my writings. Two pieces of my work had been published in two different school publications. I was also ...

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Is Chick Lit worth lying for?

Posted by sibelhodge on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, In : Guest Blog 
Worth Lying For

I've got the fab Lisa Cheney and Lisa Craig here on my blog today talking about their latest chick lit release, Worth Lying For. Take it away girls...

Our new indie novel, Worth Lying For is a big, fat slice out of the life of forty-year-old Mary Minke. When Mary stumbles upon a bag of drug money—and steals it—no one could be as surprised as our goody-two-shoes main character.

Speaking of shoes, our original working title was Will Steal for Shoes. We loved that title. Then we sent out query...

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Featured Indie Chick - Michelle Muto

Posted by sibelhodge on Saturday, April 14, 2012, In : Indie Chicks 

This week's featured Indie Chick is Michelle Muto...


 That's what I've been calling The Book of Lost Souls, the book that started my path to publication. I’ve always loved to write. I’ve always loved the way imagination and words blend on a page, the way they transport a reader to faraway worlds, or right next door, where witches live. From the time I was very young, books were an amazing world to me. There was no greater joy than going to th...
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Featured Indie Chick - Talia Jager

Posted by sibelhodge on Sunday, April 8, 2012, In : Indie Chicks 

This week's featured Indie Chick is Talia Jager!


“Mom!” a voice yelled from the other room. “Make her stop!”
“I didn’t do anything!” another voice yelled before I could even get up to see what was going on.
 I sighed and struggled to get off the couch where I had just started writing a scene. Four months pregnant with our sixth child and the varicose veins were already causing problems for me. I wondered where my husband was hiding that he couldn’t handl...

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Featured Indie Chick - Julia Crane

Posted by sibelhodge on Monday, April 2, 2012, In : Indie Chicks 

This weeks' fab inspirational Indie Chick story comes from Julia Crane...


Separation was normal in my marriage. My husband was in the military, and usually gone six months a year. We had adapted quite well to the schedule. Of course, we had the normal period of adjustment when he would return, but that was part of the lifestyle. We were looking forward to his retirement, and being able to spend more time together as a family. That didn’t work out quite as we expecte...

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