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And it's goodnight from the Noughties!

Posted by sibelhodge on Wednesday, December 30, 2009, In : Lifestyle 
So, the Noughties are finally edging to a close, giving way to the first double-digit decade this century. It's been a challenging year for many of us, but we've got through it. I hope the powers that be all over the world have learnt their lessons. I don't want to be in a deja vu time warp this time next year, reading the same headlines.

As for me...I'm looking to the future for positive changes. Next year can only get better. After the decade that brought us the first African-American presi...

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2010 - Will it be doom or boom?

Posted by sibelhodge on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, In : Lifestyle 

It looks like there’s no ending in sight for the current global economic downturn. Bloomberg, the financial news channel, has been renamed ‘Doomberg’ in my house. Businesses are failing, people are being made redundant; we have less money to spend, so of course we want value for money. Historically we’ve always strived for more… More money, technology, clothes, cars; the list could go on and on. Any parent will be used to the non-stop hassling from their kids to get the latest games...

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