There are some truly fantastic Indie authors out there waiting to be discovered by you! What better way to do that than by entering the ABC Indie Fiction Reading Challenge going on over at quillsandzebras blog...

In order to join in, you must read 24 novels in 2011 by Indie authors. One of the key rules is that each story must be written by a different author, and the first letter of the authors' surnames must begin with a different letter.

For more details, a suggested reading list, and to sign up, head on over to quillsandsebras:

I've already signed up and I'll be reporting my progress throughout the year! As part of the ABC Challenge, the first Indie novel I've read is a fantastic cozy mystery by L.C. Evans called The Witness Wore Blood Bay. Here's my review...

"I wasn't sure if I was going to like this because the main character, Leigh, is a horsewoman, and I'm not that familiar with the horsey world. But you don't need to be a horse fan to appreciate this well written cozy mystery. LC Evans transports readers into the novel brilliantly with her vivid descriptions and great dialogue. I was hooked from the start. Here's just one snippet I loved..."He was short - shorter than my five feet nine - and bald and wore a scraggly mustache that looked like an underfed garden spider". 

It's fun, pacy, humorous, and a great little read. Fans of chicklit will really enjoy this"

Happy Indie Reading!

Sibel XX