I always think writing a synopsis or blurb for a book is worse than writing the whole thing! How do you sum up thousands of words in a few paragraphs? But how about making it even harder? 

A while ago I started a couple of threads over on Kindleboards and Amazon forums, asking authors to describe their novel in one sentence. Here are a few taste-teasers for you...
The Fashion Police (chicklit mystery) - The fashion business just got deadly!

Sweet Seduction - Livia's passion is baking, Rufus's passion is business- can they ignore their passion for each other?

Hiding the Elephant - Is there a link between the young woman brutally murdered in her home and her best friend's disappearance in a town over 2000 miles away?

What Luck! - Happily married and extremely wealthy, these philanthropists have a bite!

A fast-paced thriller, full of twists and turns. That's Impeding Justice

Formed of Clay - When betrayal is the only way to survive

Mine Alone - When he saw her he wanted he, so he took her

Set the Night on Fire - A thriller that goes back, in part, to the late Sixties in Chicago

The Portal Between - Sam could have come back any time she wanted to, if Lily had only told her who she really was

Happy Reading!

Sibel xx