Valentine’s Day wasn’t the only thing to happen on February 14th this year. It also saw the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Oriental astrology uses a sixty year cycle to work out which symbolic elements will shape our lives in the coming year. This year we have a combination that hasn’t been seen since 1950 - the Metal Tiger.

The Tiger is stubborn, impatient, focused on its goals, but they are also unpredictable, fiery, and selfish. Metal is a hard element with an air of cold confrontation that symbolizes strength and structure. Potentially, it’s an explosive combination.

This is a year that will begin with a bang and take us on a wild ride. Two things we will all need this year are nerves of steel and courageous determination to succeed. It’s a year earmarked for war, wild weather, and all kinds of disasters. It’s also a year of extremes and radical change or instability.

We will be carried on a financial rollercoaster. Fortunes will be made and lost. The benefits are there for anyone brave enough to take calculated risks, but nothing will be on a small scale.

And although the Metal Tiger has a negative aspect, it also has a cleansing effect, extracting positive changes from disaster. The strong and energetic Tiger can inject new life and opportunities in to failed ventures. It can be an exciting time with rich rewards and huge potential.

So what does all this mean for us? Well, the Tiger temper will come into play in 2010. Leaders are predicted to make rash and dramatic decisions, tending to charge forward on the spur of the moment and regret their actions. Business deals, new ventures, and cooperation made during the Metal Tiger year will be fragile. It’s a time for controversial, bold ideas and huge changes.

I think this year we all need to expect the unexpected. Change will be the keyword because the restless tiger will motivate changes in many areas of our lives.

Hang on to your hats and keep your sense of humour!

Sibel XX