It looks like there’s no ending in sight for the current global economic downturn. Bloomberg, the financial news channel, has been renamed ‘Doomberg’ in my house. Businesses are failing, people are being made redundant; we have less money to spend, so of course we want value for money. Historically we’ve always strived for more… More money, technology, clothes, cars; the list could go on and on. Any parent will be used to the non-stop hassling from their kids to get the latest games and toys and keep up with their friends.

In the midst of the worst financial crisis for years we need value now more than ever. But I’m not talking about material stuff. 2010 is going to be the year of emotional value for money. In this coming year we will want more value from our lives. Love, laughter, happy memories, good times, and close friendship are all riches that don’t affect our bank balance at all.

So, what’s my opinion for 2010? We should put the economic crisis aside and concentrate on us. We need to turn the negative into a positive and appreciate the simple things in life. I think this will be the year we get back to basics and emotional value booms.

Happy Xmas. I hope Santa brings you all you want!

Sibel XX

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